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Blast Chillers and Freezers

Blast chillers and freezers are types of the most basic equipment deployed in modern gastronomic operations. As an integral part of the company’s system, COOK & CHILL are responsible for compliance with hygienic legislative norms as well as for the effectiveness of logistics and profitability of the transportation, preservation and distribution of prepared food products. Further application refrigerating units are found in bakery, production of semi-finished products and in the gastronomic industry in general.

HORAK refrigerators and freezers are offered in 2 model types as multi-purpose and single-purpose modified equipment for extensive area of use. The equipments are characterized by a high operating performance with low power consumption. All standard models are equipped with electronic control units and three sensors, including one that can be inserted inside the core for reading temperature. The refrigerating units operate in 4 different modes:

  • Soft chilling
  • Hard chilling
  • Blast freezing
  • Short-term storage

Instalationsof Blast Chillers and Freezers: