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Mělnická 150, 277 06 Lužec nad Vltavou +420 257 314 759
zal. 1898


We observe the growing demand for our products in healthcare. It is about medicaments coldrooms, blood, vaccines coldrooms as well as air conditioned chambers, where the vaccines are being processed. The majority of these warehouses are equipped with 100% cooling power back-up and monitoring (failure announcements). For blood donors centers we provide blast freezers and freezers for blood plasma. We also deliver coldrooms and freezers for blood transfusion depots. We produce special coldrooms range for pathology for deceased storage, last not least also the freezing plates for samples.

Selected references:

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Zentiva Hlohovec – medicaments
GEHE Pharma – medicaments
Nordisk Expres – Oslo (NO)
Léčiva a.s., Praha – medicaments
Avenier – 12 places in the CR vaccines chilling
Europlasma – blood plasma blast freezing and storage
Ústav soudního lékařství Olomouc – coldrooms for deceased
ÚVN Praha – deceased