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Mělnická 150, 277 06 Lužec nad Vltavou +420 257 314 759
zal. 1898


A new chapter in the history of the firm began in 1992 when the factory was bought back by the family of the original owners. The family resumed its long-held tradition of making high quality cooling and refrigerating equipment.

Currently, the company mainly specializes in complete turnkey installation of refrigerating and freezing spaces built with polyurethane panels manufactured on a state-of-the-art assembly line. Modular walk-in coldrooms and freezers branded HORAK find successful application in commercial, gastronomic and industrial use. Any type of storage space can be equipped with a modular shelving system. The PU insulation panels are also custom-built in order to address the great diversity of their applications, e.g. in coroners freezers, storage containers, mobile refrigerators and low-temperature driers. Also, the production assortment of the company includes several models of refrigerating, freezing and industrial doors. The doors may be hinged or sliding and with manual or automatic activation. The production of unique professional modular refrigerating cabinets requires special attention. Refrigerating display cases complement further the broad range of the company’s products. The company also focuses on production of technically sophisticated refrigerating equipment – blast chillers and freezers

Moreover, since 1993, HORAK BROTHERS Ltd. has been an active representative of ZANOTTI S.p.A. in the Czech and Slovak Republics. As a result, the company is able to offer a comprehensive range of refrigerating units.

The HORAK products, due to their quality and technological sophistication, have come to represent a significant share of the national and European markets. The long list of users of the company‘s products encompasses top Czech and international companies, state institutions and individual entrepreneurs. Also, the company plays an important role in supplying to the Army of the Czech Republic. HORAK refrigerating coldrooms and containers have successfully proven themselves in use by UN Forces.

At present, the company employs approximately 80 people. The headquarters of the company are spread over 25 000 m2 in Luzec nad Vltavou, only 45 km North from the centre of Prague. The customer service is provided by the Commercial-Technical Department situated in Prague 5 and a network of freelance sales representatives. In 1997 a sister company HORÁK AXETT s.r.o., was established with its headquarters in Banska Bystrica, in the Slovak Republic.

HORAK BROTHERS Ltd. makes utmost effort to protect the environment. As one of the first Central European manufacturers to do so, the company replaced CFC and HCFC substances in its panel production with CO2, an environmentally friendly blowing agent. In 1997 the company was the first Czech manufacturer in the industry to obtain ISO 9002 quality management system certification. In 1999 the company’s certification was high rated to ISO 9001. The regular audit inspections performed by LLOYD´S guarantee a high standard of production and services.