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Mělnická 150, 277 06 Lužec nad Vltavou +420 257 314 759
zal. 1898


  • Installation of our products
  • Mandatory checks for refrigerant leakage
  • The Company is certified to perform tests on equipment containing HFC refrigerants in terms depending on the refrigerant weight in the circuit.
  • Retrofit

EU Regulation No. 517/2014, valid from 1 January 2015, leads to a gradual reduction in use of the HFC refrigerants having high GWP (global warming potential).

The Company addresses extending the service life of existing refrigerant systems (R134a, R404A) by retrofit with R407F even after 2030.


Other products

NS 301 Slicing Machine is designed for slicing smoked meats, sausages, ham, cheeses, and similar foods into slices of thickness of up to 15 mm.



ART 1000 transport container (Nanuk) is designed for the transport and short-term storage of food as a part of the rearward protection of troops under field conditions.