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Cooling Units

Our products are equipped with reliable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly cooling systems.

We offer various solutions of cooling:

  • Complete split cooling equipment (CHZS). The units consist of KCHJ Aspera and Tecumseh and the Luvata ECO evaporators. Cooling capacities from 700 W to 5,900 W.
  • Block cooling units (wall and ceiling) from Zanotti
  • Zanotti’s split cooling units
  • For complex solutions, we offer capacity-controlled cooling, combined units, two-stage and cascade circuits from local manufacturers of compressor and condenser units and exchangers

The basic component of most products is a cooling device ensuring to keep the internal temperature of the cooled chamber, achieve a cooling cycle, and minimizes the energy consumption of the final product supplied.

With regard to easy assembly and service, we prefer a block-based cooling system. Where this is not possible to be achieved, we supply a cooling unit in a split arrangement, i.e. divided into a cooling condensing unit and evaporator unit. If larger capacities are required, we can supply combined or parallel condenser units having multiple compressors, allowing to control the cooling capacity and supply a single condenser unit for multiple cooled chambers, thus reducing energy consumption. In addition, we supply separate capacitors with reduced noise level, allowing for the capacitors to be placed in external areas (roofs, etc.).

The required cooling capacity is determined by the input parameters, especially:

  • Temperature inside the cooled chamber and outside temperature;
  • Location and type of the product to be cooled;
  • Determining the condensation heat removal medium;
  • Permissible noise level;
  • Insulation properties of the cabinet; etc.

Based on the parameters stated by you, our sales staff will quickly determine the size, arrangement, and price of the cooling equipment offered.

For the type products, the cooling equipment is supplied as a part of the final product.

Our offer:

  • Split Horák cooling units for boxes up to 10 m3 of insulated area
    • Condensing cooling units with a wall evaporator
    • Condensing units with a ceiling evaporator
  • Zanotti GM block cooling units installed into the box wall
  • Zanotti SB block cooling units installed into the box ceiling
  • Zanotti GS split vertical units (KCHJ on the wall and the evaporator under the box ceiling)
  • Zanotti DB-O split horizontal units (KCHJ on the floor and the evaporator under the box ceiling)

Installation examples: