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CHS-P (beer)

CHS-P series (beer cooling cabinets)

This is designed for storing KEG beer barrels.

The cabinet consists of insulating panels made of rigid polyurethane foam, covered by white lacquered or stainless steel sheet on the outside and inside. The cabinet doors are made of the same materials.

The door can be locked by a lock built in the leaf.

The control unit panel is built into the front mask of the cabinet extension and controls all its functions (thermostat, defrost, etc.). The control unit panel display shows temperatures and all parameters in the functions currently running, or failures with identification of the failed element or location of the failure.

The compact block cooling unit is built in the extension and is easy to be replaced; no part thereof extends into the cabinet space.

Air is sucked from the cabinet through an opening on the cabinet side, cooled on the evaporator and led back into the cabinet. Therefore, the KEG barrels must be ensured not to cover the side openings and, thus, allow good cooling air circulation in the cabinet.