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Sliding doors

The CHP/MP models offer a choice of sliding insulated doors used in refrigerating and freezing environments with internal heights ranging from 1800 mm to 3000 mm and with internal widths from 800 mm to 3000 mm. The doors are supplied both in right-opening and left-opening versions. The door wing is a sandwich-type construction injected with PU foam. The thickness of the insulation used in the refrigerator doors is 75 mm and 125 mm in the freezer doors. The doors with the internal widths ranging from 800 mm to 1000 mm are usually equipped with a closing handle. The doors of other widths are furnished with a stainless steel door knob. All door models allow emergency opening form the outside. Also, the door may be supplied with a lock upon a request. The door sealing is replaceable.

The door leaf is foam-injected upon the supporting steel structure or made out of plastic profiles. Thermal bridges are broken by plastic laths. The joints between the door leaf and wings in the doors used in freezers are heated. A standard feature of CHP/MP model doors is a recessed duralumin profile threshold and bottom edge wiper gasket. The sliding rail is made from anodized duralumin alloy resistant to corrosive environment; the sliding rail may be also made out of stainless steel in a number of models. The sliding wheels are also made out of highly durable materials.

The labelling CHPR/MPR is used for doors requiring manual operation. The labelling CHPS/MPS is used to identify automatically operated doors. Usually, the CHPS/MPS doors are furnished with a set of two push buttons and pull-cord switches intended for the service personnel working on forklifts. The electrical circuit connects to 3x400V/50 Hz power line. The automatic control features of the door enable to achieve perfect opening movement of the door wing.

Safety devices are provided as a standard in the CHPS/MPS models. The door wings are furnished with a contact ledge which ensures stopping and reversing of the door movement in case of person or subject being in the way.

The HORAK refrigerator and freezer doors can be installed as on a panel wall (PU sandwich type panels, mineral wave, etc.) as on a wall with classic construction insulation.

  • counter-frame is supplied for panel mounting
  • brackets are supplied for building the facility into walls.