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Hinged doors

CHO/MO model
Offers hinged insulated doors used for chillers and freezers with internal heights ranging from 1800 mm to 3000 mm. Single-wing doors are produced with internal widths 650 mm, 800 mm, 900 mm and 1000 mm in both right and left opening versions. Double-wing doors are available in widths from 1200 mm to 2100 mm. Safety devices are provided as a standard in the CHPS/MPS models. The door wings are furnished with a contact ledge which ensures stopping and reversing of the door movement in case of person or subject being in the way.

The door wings are injected with PU foam. The thickness of the insulation used in refrigerator doors is 80 mm and 120 mm in the freezer doors. Flexible strip sealing guarantees a perfect fit and easy replacement. The door hinges used are rising as standard. The door handle is routinely furnished with an integrated patented lock and allows opening of the door from the outside in the case of emergency. The door leaf is foam-injected upon the supporting steel structure or made out of plastic profiles. Thermal bridges are broken by plastic laths. The joints between the door leaf and wings in the doors used in freezers are heated. A standard feature of CHO/MO model doors is a recessed corrosion-resistant threshold and bottom edge wiper gasket. CHO-K models are equipped with opening designated for suspension-rail conveying systems.