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Mělnická 150, 277 06 Lužec nad Vltavou +420 257 314 759
zal. 1898


  • Wide Ranging Selection of Standard and Premium Equipment
  • Pressure equalization valves used for the compensation of pressure differences, thus preventing the damage of insulated space.
  • Lighting designed to ensure the end-users‘comfort and safety.
  • Shelving and shelf suspension systems made out of stainless steel.
  • Door switches used for turning off evaporator fans and turning on the lights.
  • PVC laminated strip and forced air curtains used for minimizing temperature loss when the doors open.
  • Glazed access windows and doors used for display and sale of goods.
  • Plastic rounded internal corners to meet your highest hygiene requirements.
  • Signalization and alarms for monitoring and control of the internal environment.
  • Tracking and logging devices used for recording, archiving and evaluation of the conditions in the internal environment.
  • Commercial doors, e.g. fire-resistant, gasproof, etc.