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MINI models
Are walk-in coldrooms equipped with refrigerating and internal shelving systems and are offered in five standard sizes ranging from 3 to 6 m3 in internal volume and with uniform height. The company also produces models designed for storing products in below-zero temperatures and for longterm preservation of frozen products.

INSULATION – Environmentally Friendly and Power Efficient
The modular coldrooms and chambers of HORAK system are assembled with sandwich-type insulation panels and sets of corner elements. The insulation core of the panels is made of rigid polyurethane foam (PU) without CFC substances. The thickness of the insulation used in MINI coldroom refrigerators is 75 mm, as a standard.

SURFACE FINISHING – Hygiene and Aesthetics
The basic model of a panel surface is made of a white lacquered and galvanized steel plate 0.6 mm thick covered with protective foil. On request the coldroom refrigerators can be supplied with a stainless steel plate or a white lacquered aluminium plate or with a combination of these materials.

CONNECTION TECHNIQUE – Strength and Durability
A special connecting groove-and-feather system with eccentric locks allows precise and quick assembly and ensures lasting strength and rigidity of the insulation casing. The connection of this type meets strict hygiene requirements and guarantees that the outside casing remains perfectly vapour-proof.

The MINI model range coldrooms are made with a standard internal height of 2m. However, the size of their internal ground surface may vary as follows: 1×1.5m, 1x2m, 1×2.5m, 1.5×1.5m and 1.5x2m.

The MINI model coldrooms are uniformly made with hinged doors with the internal surface of 650×1800 mm and with a threshold.

In the MINI model coldrooms is used the floor suitable for areas with manual handling of goods (a sandwich-type PU panel covered by a pressure-distribution aluminium layer with anti-slip finish, or covered by waterproof plywood with plastic anti-slip surface).